VSOTO Oxygen Facials

We were founded in transformational skincare and complexion treatments (facials). We take extreme pride in transforming your skin through the perfect balance of state-of-the-art equipment and the human touch. With one of the most significant offerings in Los Angeles, we know you will find the perfect treatment. Our complexion treatments are always customized to your needs, desires, and goals. We believe that complexion treatments are a beautiful orchestra.

VSOTO Oxygen Facials

Oxygen infusion facials are great for hydration, plumping, and creating a bacteria free environment. With a specialized infusion technique and four proprietary VSOTO Oxygen Facial only serums, we will find the perfect blend for you. Whether your goal is to assist with purifying (acne), calming, brightening and or hydration we have the perfect blend for a more natural approach to complexion care. Full of vitamins and essential oils. A great option for those seeking advanced anti-aging but without being overly aggressive.

THE OH Traditional

50 min $195

Our original eight step complexion treatment customized to any skin type. Whether it’s skin in need of purification (acne), calming, combination or all of the above your esthetician will customize your service based on what your skin needs today.

PowerPeel Microdermabrasion

50 min $235 | 80 min $335

Created for those seeking a proactive approach to anti-aging, this customized 8-step complexion treatment incorporates a microdermabrasion procedure for deep exfoliation to gradually reduce facial scars, skin discolorations, and fine lines and wrinkles.

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