DIY Cucumber Mask at the Ole Henriksen Spa

Vance Soto, owner of the Ole Henriksen Face Body Spa, teaches us how to get the Ole Henriksen Spa experience at home! Shop This Video The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser Cold Plunge Pore Mask Pure Nurture Facial Water Truth Serum C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème Banana Bright Eye Crème Visit the OLEHENRIKSEN FACE BODY SPA Today!

Meet The “Retin-alts”: A New Breed Of Plant-based Skin Care That’s Irritation-Free

By Well+Good Retinoids have been the gold standard in skin care for decades, combatting the issues of pimply-faced teenagers and sun-damaged adults in equal measure by speeding up cell turnover and flipping the switch on collagen pumps within the complexion. Retinoids—an umbrella term for vitamin A derivatives like OTC retinol and Rx options such as […]

Brandi Glanville Shares a Rare Makeup-Free Photo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum says “I never go make up free it’s scary but I did for this pic.” By Adele Chapin, August 31, 2018, Bravo Beauty Brandi Glanville is glowing and fresh-faced after a trip to Ole Henriksen Spa — and she’s feeling incredibly confident in her skin. “I hate my […]

How to Take Better Care of Your Combination Skin

By Marisa Pieper, Her Campus Combination skin can be really tricky to take care of. You have to find out which parts are dry and which parts are oily and then treat those sections accordingly. If you deal with combination skin, you’re not alone! Combination skin is the most common skin type. Luckily, we have […]

Guy’s Guide to Understanding Facials

By Dapper Confidential No matter how on-point you think you are at maintaining the health and appearance of the skin on your face, you will never be as capable as someone that does it for a living. Which is why you need to bring your mug in for a tune-up with a licensed professional. Should […]

I Got A Red Carpet Makeover And It Was Honestly Kinda Exhausting

I enlisted the help of a celebrity makeup artist, hair guru, and stylist to take me from person not going to the Oscars, to person who probably could sneak in. By Lara Parker, BuzzFeed Hello world, Lara here, and I am *not* a celebrity going to the Oscars this weekend. I did, however, get to […]